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18 Travel Tips That Are So Easy, I’m Disappointed I Haven’t Thought Of Them

18 Travel Tips That Are So Easy, I’m Disappointed I Haven’t Thought Of Them

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for travel tips they do that they think nobody else does. I am surprised at how simple and smart these are!

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1.“I like to pack my suitcase upright instead of laying it flat. I stack my clothes so the edges all show and you don’t have to mess everything up to find the item you’re looking for. I swear I can fit so much more this way, too.”


2.“Not my own hack but one my mom taught me: If you’re traveling with someone else for an extended time, pack everything 50/50 between each other’s suitcases. If the airline loses one of your bags, you still have enough stuff to make do. This came in handy when our airline lost my boyfriend’s luggage for our two-week trip in Europe!”

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3.“A lot of people feel like crap after getting off a plane. I drink Pedialyte before a flight, always, and will moisturize like crazy, even with night cream during a day flight. Flying can dehydrate the hell out of you, so do some self-care before and rub yourself down with lotion and moisturizer. If you don’t like Pedialyte, get a sports drink at the airport. After sitting for 3–7 hours, I’m not completely refreshed, but I’m not dragging my ass, either. Hydrate yourself as much as you can before and stay away from caffeine on long flights.”


4.“I always pack at least one trash bag in case I need it for wet laundry OR to wrap something that is liquid in (in case it breaks/cracks)”


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5.“Always take a bag of chocolate minatures to give to the flight attendants when boarding. They appreciate it and it sometimes helps get you some perks.”


6.“Put cling film over the tops of bottles and tubes before screwing on the cap. You will never have a spill, and get peace of mind that nothing is going to coat your bag in goo.”


7.“I always choose ginger ale to drink since it’s a natural treatment for nausea. I don’t normally get motion sickness, but just in case the flight gets turbulent.”

— enimsekips

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8.“I bring a mini spray bottle of witch hazel in my personal item to spray a bit on my face when I feel like my face is oily or if I am not able to wash it for a while. It really helps.”


9.“I always pack a surge protector plug strip with USB slots, only one adapter needed if needed.”


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10.“If you’re a person like me, who puts on a little makeup in the bathroom before your boyfriend/girlfriend/parent picks you up, warm the makeup like eyeliner or mascara under boobs during the bag check/overhead wait, so it’s easier to apply in a rush.”


11.“I bring a backpack as my carry-on and use it as a travel pillow by sitting it on the tray table and hugging it to my chest. Managed multiple hours of sleep in economy class on a trans-Atlantic red-eye flight this way. Works great if you’re a stomach or side sleeper who usually hugs a pillow.”


12.“Squeeze all the air out of a disposable plastic water bottle and put it in your carry-on. It shouldn’t get confiscated ’cause it’s empty. You can fill it with water after security checkpoints and not have to spend on water inside the airport.”


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13.“We always would tie a very distinct ribbon on the handle of the luggage alongside the luggage tag. One, it’s easier to spot your luggage when it comes off the plane. Two, you can see if someone is trying to take your luggage. My mom caught someone trying to steal our bags once and when confronted he tried to be like, ‘Lady, you’re crazy. This is mine.’ Her response was, “Oh, so you also tied a ribbon of ducks around your luggage too?’ He ended up dropping our stuff and running.”


14.“I always bring an extra blanket on the flight and practically wear PJs. Gotta stay warm, those flights are COLD.”

Zi YeA

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15.“I use an old cardboard box (an old Barkbox actually) to pack my baseball hats, and then pop it in my suitcase. You can get 4–5 hats stacked into something about the size of a shoebox. Easy and free to pack, and no crushed hats when you get there.”


16.“Small ginger chews help with from all sorts of stomach issues from nausea to heartburn!”


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17.“On long international flights, I make sure I have a full change of clothes ready in my carry-on. A) I’ve had luggage lost before. It’s nice to have somewhat of a head start and not have to immediately go to the store while you’re waiting for the airport to sort things out. And B) After a long flight, don’t underestimate how good it feels to put on a fresh pair of clothes and underwear. Especially if you’re leaving from one climate to another.”


18.Finally, “If you’re going somewhere to see natural wonders or historic features, buy used travel books. They’re cheaper, it’s more environmentally friendly, and what you care about won’t have changed. You won’t know the hottest restaurants, but if you’re hiking in a national park, you probably wouldn’t have gone to them anyway (on that trip). You can take the book with you and drop it at a used bookstore or recycling bin at the end of your trip, making a little more room in your suitcase for souvenirs.”


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Got a brilliant hack of your own? Or do you always pack something so unbelievably convenient that you aren’t sure why it isn’t sold in overpriced airport gift shops everywhere? Tell us in the comments below!