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5 Expert-Approved Tips On How To Safely Travel With Fine Jewelry

5 Expert-Approved Tips On How To Safely Travel With Fine Jewelry

Packing is a single of the largest thorns when it arrives to planning a trip—especially seeking to pack the small points like add-ons and jewelry. It can be tempting to just toss your excess earrings and necklaces into your beauty bag and call it a working day but a very little pre-arranging will assistance maintain your jewellery harmless and in excellent shape even though abroad.

If you are arranging to deliver your high-quality jewellery or special items with you on your future journey, you will want to examine on. We spoke to high-quality jewelry designer Easter Ahn-Lee, the founder of Easter Ahn Design and style, to get her ideal suggestions on specifically what to do (and what not to do) when traveling with our finest jewelry and accessories:

Use It

In accordance to Easter Ahn-Lee, the complete ideal way to travel with your jewellery is to don it. Possessing your jewellery particularly where you can see it—or, in this circumstance, experience it—is by considerably the safest way to retain your each day jewellery secure whilst on the go.

Use Resealable Baggage

“When traveling with assertion items or jewellery that you don’t don on a everyday foundation, it is greatest to pack every piece separately with bags or pouches, and then keep them in a travel jewellery box,” says Ahn-Lee. “Small plastic sealable baggies are an reasonably priced way to shop your jewelry, and preserve chains from acquiring tangled and items from scratching each and every other.”

Bring a Journey Jewelry Box

If you have a great deal of rings or other smaller sized pieces of jewellery, Ahn-Lee suggests investing in a travel jewelry box. “A vacation jewelry box is a fantastic way to retain your jewellery harmless and structured,” she suggests. “A jewellery circumstance should have an location for earrings to be held, places to keep your chains to reduce them from having tangled, and space to include your rings or greater items.”

Use the Hotel Risk-free

“The best way to retail outlet your jewelry even though touring when you might be not putting on it is to hold it safe and organized in 1 area (this kind of as a vacation jewellery box) and store it in a safe and sound,” adds Ahn-Lee. “Any unworn objects should really be positioned where by you can conveniently find them and stored at home temperature away from the sun or heat—especially for extra fragile coloured stones such as morganite, pearls, and opals.”

Commit in Travel Insurance plan

Finally—you’ll want to contemplate investing in journey insurance. According to Ahn-Lee, vacation insurance coverage is normally not essential for day to day jewellery. However, it is remarkably recommended for any superior-valued products such as good jewellery, expensive purses, and other large-close extras you want to carry on the street with you.