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Best Tourist Places in Chiang Mai With Motorbike Rentals

Best Tourist Places in Chiang Mai With Motorbike Rentals

Mae Hong Son Loop is located in the north corner of Chiang Mai. If from Chiang Mai Journey distance is about 235 km to the Mae Hong Son. There is no more exciting journey than riding a motorbike to Mae Hong Son through mountains and foggy roads. Prepare yourself to see how beautiful the scenery is at Mae Hong Son Loop.

Mae Hong Son Loop is called the “city of three patches of fog” because it is surrounded by 90 percent of high mountains which are often covered in fog. The annual cycle of fog starts from forest fires in summer, dew mist in the rainy season and fog in winter. Its remote location makes this city the best of all the busy cities in Thailand.

But that doesn’t mean Mae Hong Son is uncharted territory. The potential of this city bordering Myanmar is very attractive to tourists for natural activities such as boating, trekking and camping.

Best Tourist Places in Chiang Mai With Motorbike Rentals

Tour by Motorcycle

Mae Hong Son Loop is the most beautiful and iconic area in Thailand. If you are a motorbike lover, I suggest you visit the place in Mae Hong Son Loop by motorbike. It will be an unforgettable experience if you go there by motorbike. Don’t Worry, When you reach Chiang Mai, you will see hundreds of cheap Scooter & Motorbike Rental Chiang Mai, available everywhere, and bikes are easy to ride on Thai roads too. The roads on the Mae Hong Son loop are mostly good, but inexperienced motorists can, and do, get stuck by potholes, loose gravel, sand and random animals that get lost on the road. So take care and always be careful, and wear a helmet for safety.

Unforgettable Routes Around Chiang Mai Where You Can Go With a Rented Motorcycle

Admire the Panorama at Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

The first site of our tour in the eighth largest province (out of 76 provinces) in Thailand is the Phra That Doi Kong Mu temple. Inside the temple, which was built in 1860, there are two temples and two monasteries. I like one of the eight-story whitewashed temples in which a Buddha image is enshrined with a golden minaret on top.

Standing on the serene hills of Doi Kong Mu, this Burmese-style temple can be seen from most places in Mae Hong Son Loop town. Vice versa, from the top of the hill Doi Kong Mu, I can see a 360-degree view of Mae Hong Son, Chong Kham lake, Pai valley and the city of a neighbouring country, Burma, Myanmar.

 Level the Neck at Karen Tribe Village

The majority (60 percent) of the population in Mae Hong Son Province consists of tribes who live in the hills or are called the Hill Tribe. Including the Hmong, Yao, Lahu, Lisu, Akha, Shan and Karen tribes. In the afternoon, we visited the village of the Karen Tribe which is famous for its long-necked group of women. Karen women are identified by the pile of large brass rings they have worn around their necks since childhood.

Here we had time to wear the big rings around the neck provided by the Karen women. The weight as if wearing an iron chain necklace made it difficult for me to move my neck left and right, let alone look down. We both look proud with our chins raised like models when crossing the catwalk.

Crossing the Su Tong Pae Bamboo Bridge

At the third site, we walked over a 500-meter long bamboo bridge surrounded by rice fields in the village of Ban Kung Mai Sak. The construction of this Su Tong Pae bamboo bridge is very simple but beautiful with green rice fields around it.

The rice field owners donated their land and built the bridge with the villagers as a daily walk. The bridge used by the villagers connects the Mae Sa Nga River with the temple at one end. The name of the Su Tong Pae Bridge is translated by the monks as “success prayer” which is a source of pride for the local community.

Rack Thai Village

Rak Thai Village. ‘Rak Thai’ which means ‘Love Thailand’, and, I fell in love with this village. The village, founded by former soldiers from Yunnan, China in 1949, is very charming. The lake with super calm water like glass reflects the reflection of the hilly valley which is so beautiful.

Special Trip Visiting Pai & Doi Ang Khang

If you have time left in Mae Hong Son it’s worth a visit to Pai. Pai is a pretty little town in Mae Hong Son Province. Check out this photo of a Karen Tribe Village in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand, which is famous for its long-necked women. (NOVA DIEN) Pai is popular among backpackers for its cheap guesthouses, gift shops and restaurants. Don’t be surprised to see so many foreign tourists here compared to Mae Hong Son town.

Mae Hong Son Loop This is a popular route for tourists and motorbike enthusiasts looking to explore the northern side of Thailand.

Chiang Mai to Doi Ang Khang

Doi Ang Khang has located about 170km from Chiang Mai, and it takes about 3 hours of travel (non-stop) to reach there. So best done as an overnight trip from Chiang Mai. In this way, you will experience the full beauty of these mighty mountains. From the foot of Mount Doi Ang Khang to the top, the hike is steep and windy. So, it is best to travel with an experienced local driver, who is familiar with the roads and driving conditions. The scenery on the road is very beautiful, you will see the jagged mountain peaks, peaking above the sea of ​​mist.

Tips Before Going To Thailand

Make sure you Bring enough luggage and Enough money to explore Thailand especially in the Chiang Mai area. If you are a person who likes to travel on a freeway, I suggest renting a motorbike at the nearest rental in the Chiang Mai area. You will find various motorbikes for rent there such as scooters and motorbikes at low prices. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take pictures and capture your precious moments while visiting Thailand. That’s all the information from me, I hope it’s useful.