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Canada Issued Travel Advisories For These 7 Tourist Hot Spots & It Could Affect Your Trip

Canada Issued Travel Advisories For These 7 Tourist Hot Spots & It Could Affect Your Trip

Got a trip coming up? If you’re travelling outside of the country, you may want to take note of recent travel advisories issued by the Government of Canada.

Canada has issued travel advice for popular tourist destinations that could affect your trip, and you may need to adjust your plans to stay safe or avoid certain regions altogether.

Certain travel advisories might not just impact your trip — they can also affect your travel insurance and what your provider will cover.

With that in mind, here are seven popular tourist countries Canada has issued travel advisories for that you may want to take note of.


Details: The Government of Canada advises Canadians to “exercise a high degree of caution” in France due to an elevated threat of terrorism.

“Over the past few years in France, several opportunistic and premeditated attacks have occurred,” reads the travel advisory. “These have resulted in many deaths and injuries. Further attacks are likely.”

The government is also warning Canadians of ongoing strikes and demonstrations in France that have been taking place since January.

The strikes, it warns, may cause disruptions to services and transportation and could turn violent.

Those who are in the country (or will be) are advised to monitor local media, follow the instructions of local authorities and be prepared to modify travel plans.

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Details: Travellers are being told to use a high degree of caution in Germany due to the threat of terrorism.

The government’s warning says that terrorist attacks could occur at any time, and that targets could include places of worship and tourist areas like restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

According to the Government of Canada, Germany’s government maintains a public alert system on terrorism, with any level changes communicated through local media.

Tourists are warned to be vigilant when going to sporting events or during religious holidays and other celebrations, as “terrorists have used such occasions to mount attacks.”

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Details: Canadians are being warned to use a high degree of caution when travelling in Thailand due to ongoing political tensions and “sporadic demonstrations” in parts of the country.

According to the government, political instability has created a situation that is “volatile and unpredictable,” particularly so in Bangkok, a popular destination for visitors.

During such times, the military may be able to prevent public gatherings, restrict movement, censor media and impose curfews, Canada warns, and these measures “could be enforced at any time.”

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Details: On February 15, Canada changed its risk level for Sweden to “exercise a high degree of caution.”

According to its advisory for the country, the change is due to the threat of terrorism, as there is an “increased likelihood of terrorist attacks in Sweden.”

“The Swedish Security Service notes an increased number of attack threats in the intelligence it processes,” says the government advisory, noting that attacks could occur at any time.

It warns that targets could include places like government buildings, airports and other transportation hubs, and areas frequented by foreigners, like tourist attractions, shopping centres and hotels.

Those travelling in the country are advised to always be aware of their surroundings and be “particularly vigilant” when attending public events.

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Details: Canadians travelling in Mexico should “exercise a high degree of caution” due to high levels of criminal activity and kidnapping.

Levels of violent crime are high throughout the country, the government says.

It warns that there are high rates of crimes such as homicides, assault and carjackings, including in destinations such as the Mayan Riviera, which is home to many popular tourist spots like Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Tulum.

The Government of Canada has also issued regional advisories for the country, warning Canadians to avoid non-essential travel, including in Chihuahua and Sinaloa, except for the city of Mazatlán.

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United Kingdom

Details: Like in other European destinations, travellers to the U.K. are being warned to use a high degree of caution because of the threat of terrorism.

The government says that previous incidents in the U.K. have resulted in casualties, and include “random violent incidents in public areas, such as knife and vehicle attacks as well as explosions.”

These attacks were mainly in the London area, but have also occurred elsewhere, according to the advisory.

It warns that further attacks are likely and could target tourist areas like hotels, airports and restaurants and even political events like elections.

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Details: The government warns Canadians to use a high degree of caution while in Türkiye amid the possibility of demonstrations.

Canada warns that demonstrations may take place in the country, and that even peaceful ones can turn violent.

Travellers should avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place, follow the instruction of local authorities and keep an eye on local media for updates.

In addition to this, travellers are being warned about the threat of terrorist attacks, particularly in the southeast region of the country, where “there is a risk, particularly to foreigners, of kidnapping.”

The government is also advising tourists to avoid non-essential travel to certain areas, including southeastern provinces like Bingöl and Mardin.

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As the Government of Canada notes, the decision to travel is yours alone.

However, taking heed of Canada’s official travel advice will “ensure your personal safety and security.”

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.