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Determination and Innovative techniques of Cathay Employees

Determination and Innovative techniques of Cathay Employees

Employees all over the world have faced the brunt due to the covid spread. Especially in the aviation industry, the employees went through devastating situations as the transport industry was the first to get impacted. The avalanche of disastrous scenarios caused a negative impact on human life through travel restrictions, no proper means to find the basic needs, and a drastic decline in the economies. To beat this grueling situation the famous Cathay Pacific developed strategies that made a positive impact on the lives of the Cathay employees.

The aviation sector being the prime factor for happy moments in human lives has suffered the worst due to covid in several decades. One of the studies showed how this change created stress for the employees in the airline industry which added to their ongoing challenges. The pandemic outbreak had a magnitude of consequences in a different manner in both before and after scenarios. Challenges of the airline staff have been in many ways. All over the world, there have been millions of employees who were laid off. The job furloughs impacted the health of the employees. Lack of financial support demonstrated symptoms of poor mental and physical health. The extremity of mental illness in airline staff leads to depression, helplessness, lack of appetite, hopelessness, and reduction of interest in life gradually.

Cathay Pacific managed to cope with these challenges with incredible techniques that showcased positivity even through the restructuring of business techniques. Amid the stressors, the employees were reconciled with job stability, mental peace, and an overall healthy workspace. The airlines thanked the employees for their dedicated support during the pandemic which allowed them to survive and endure the bitter time.

Cathay employees worked really hard for Hong Kong in the dire situation of the pandemic because it was a tough time for the world but they fought on the frontline as their work mattered most. The Cathay employees stood strong in the whirlwind scenario for example the crew members with the go-getter attitude operating in the “Closed Loop” roster system. The employees set an example of patience, love, tolerance, and gratitude by working for weeks together. Everyone loves their families but the employees have prioritized their work before their families and worked without taking a break. The employees set out to help the passengers in the best way possible through different ways by using digital space in an optimal way. It is not only the cabin crew that worked for the passengers but there had been a multitude of employees working day and night giving their best to ensure the passengers have a safe and happy journey. Many behind-the-scenes employees who work in the cafeteria, housekeeping, traffic control, baggage department, security, etc have abided by specifications to ensure a smooth transition of passengers and cargo as well. The Fly Ready portal has been created by the employees to provide the passengers with a seamless travel experience helping them to overcome all the flaws that generally happen with human interaction. The portal ensures the airline stays connected with all its passengers from all corners of the world.

The airline has strategically ensured that 70 aeroplanes of their fleet were protected by reducing the flight schedule in Alice Springs, in the Australian desert. The management applauds the way the employees have strived and stood firm in this unprecedented time.

Despite their hardships, challenges, trying times, and sadness the employees have stayed strong and showed incredible determination which proved their triumph in the devastating situation. The resilience they have shown in the pandemic created faith in the airlines and the passengers who travel from different places trusting the services of the airlines.