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How can I have fun in Dubai without money?

How can I have fun in Dubai without money?

No doubt, visiting a city like Dubai comes with a cost. However, there are several free fun things you can do in Dubai for free. Obviously, your mind is beginning to wonder what is free in Dubai.

Nevertheless, the activities you choose to engage in on your visit to Dubai will determine if it’s free or not. For instance, getting back to nature or sightseeing is free, but riding a Jetcar Dubai will cost some money. Read and learn about the most pocket-friendly activities you can explore during your visit to Dubai.

Gold Souk

Locals in Dubai love gold. Interestingly, you will find people with gold-plated cars, necklaces, rings, etc. Some homes even have gold-plated gates, plates, spoons, and so on. Gold Souk in Dubai is one of the largest markets to find these precious metals. Aside from gold, Gold Souk has in stock some of the most expensive precious metals in the world. Every stall in Gold Souk market has shiny new jewelry that will dazzle you. Visit the Gold Souk for sightseeing and capture a memorable moment. Gold Souk is open from Saturday to Thursday, and business starts from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm. You can visit Gold Souk from 4 pm to 9.30 pm on Friday.

Spice Souk

Another fun place to visit is the Spice Souk in Dubai. The Spice Souk brims with culture, smells, and sound. The various aroma of spices from the Spice Souk is amazing. Check out some of the most used Arabic spices on sale at the Spice Souk. Wander around the Spice Souk and learn a fresh thing about Arabic spices.

Visit the desert

No doubt petrol costs money, but you can drive to the Dubai deserts with a car. A visit to Dubai is only complete when you have visited the desert and taken a few pictures. Enjoy the view of the amazing arid land and what a desert is like in real-time. You don’t have to do any other activities in the desert. Driving around it brings a lot of joy on its own.

Jog along the Kite beach

Grab another view of this beautiful city while jogging along the Kite beach. It is called the kite beach because it is an adorable place to fly kites. Moreover, the kite beach is open 24/7. In other words, visitors don’t have to pay for a fantastic view of this beach while jogging.


How you spend your time in Dubai depends on your budget. The fresh air in Dubai and sightseeing are enough to keep you going. Nevertheless, even though you have enough money to tour Dubai, you need to plan with a budget. You can never have enough of Dubai because there is so much fun in this amazing city. The Wings of Mexico Dubai is a fun activity, but you may have to pay to enjoy it. Finally, Dubai is always packed full during the summer, and it’s fun.