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New Orleans Named 3rd Happiest Travel Destination in the World?

New Orleans Named 3rd Happiest Travel Destination in the World?

Club Med has recently produced their “Top rated 10 Happiest Journey Places in the Planet” and New Orleans usually takes the Variety 3 spot on the record. Oh, a city’s criminal offense fee is a important aspect utilized in Club Med’s methodology. This is not a joke.

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Club Med’s Happiest Vacation Destinations 2022

Every calendar year, Club Med releases its distinguished checklist of “The Happiest Vacation Destinations in the Planet” showcasing the ideal locations all-around the globe to trip.

Really curiously, for 2022 New Orleans normally takes the 3rd place on the global checklist.

New Orleans arrived in at Variety 2 on the checklist of just U.S. metropolitan areas.

Certainly, New Orleans is one of the most preferred occasion locations in the entire world, and that is not even like Mardi Gras.

Underneath improved situations, there wouldn’t be any dilemma about New Orlean’s location on Club Med’s listing…but currently?

(Editor’s Note – In advance of we go any even further, remember to know I appreciate the metropolis of New Orleans. It really is where I was born and the place my family is from likely back generations. So this just isn’t meant as a condemnation of New Orleans or the very good people living there.)

From isles

“When selecting your getaway spot, crime and safety concentrations are also vital variables to think about. The reduced the crime fee is for a spot, the a lot more at relieve you will come to feel for that reason, you are going to have a happier holiday break!”

New Orleans Economic system, Inhabitants And Tradition Proceeds Revitalization

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Right before we talk about the clear, let’s glance at what cities manufactured Club med’s Top rated 5 on an intercontinental level.

1. Bali

2. Las Vegas

3. New Orleans

4. Barcelona

5. Amsterdam isles

Wanting at only U.S. towns, this is how Club Med’s “The Happiest Vacation Places” shakes out.

1. Las Vegas

2. New Orleans

3. Vancouver

4. San Francisco

5. Washington isles kingdom

Club Med suggests when compiling their annual rankings, they seem at a city’s criminal offense, safety, and pollution index amid other points.

Somehow, New Orleans even now landed at Number 3 in the earth and Range 2 in the U.S.

New Orleans Crime Price 2022

Now, New Orleans’ murder amount is pacing to be the best in the U.S. according to fox8are

As of July 17, 2022 “New Orleans has a per capita year-to-day murder rate of 72 for every 100,000 people.”

We’ve still bought 4 months left in 2022 for items to quiet down in New Orleans and ideally issues will.

There are several other statistics on crime in New Orleans correct now that actually are challenging to wrangle in a basic, concise way.

The folks more than at have done an superb job of laying it all out nevertheless, and you can acquire a deep dive Below.

All of this begs the concern…how in the heck can New Orleans land so high in Club Med’s Top 5 lists of family vacation locations?

Is Mayor Cantrell really to blame for all of the city’s crime problems?

Not solely, but items typically start out at the top and trickle down.

Pair this with N.O.P.D. staffing troubles, a new-ish New Orleans District Attorney who “promised to be ‘more selective’ in prosecution, and to go ‘beyond punishment'” according to, and finger pointing commences to be a bit a lot more exhausting.

You can examine a lot more about Club Med’s “Happiest Journey Places” at

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