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Start your fitness journey one day at a time!

Start your fitness journey one day at a time!

No matter what one wants to achieve or what goals one set, it is essential to make a start and stick with it. Should one have a fitness goal, it is necessary to remember that one will ideally want long-term results due to small daily decisions. There are two different types of plans, long-term and short-term. Embarking on a fitness journey is where one sets short-term goals; along the way, once these goals are reached, one will achieve the long-term goal. Whether looking at taking up a new sport and purchasing the essentials from companies like motosport or needing healthy tips to help them when making food choices, making a small start and setting little goals will amount to something big at the end of the road!

Set those short-term goals from the get-go!

Regardless of one’s overall fitness goal, setting some short-term goals is an excellent way to begin the fitness journey. These short-term goals can be easily attained, for example, by exercising three times a week, adjusting one’s diet, and cutting out sugar, drinks, or carbohydrates. Depending on what one is doing, swimmers may want to add an extra lap to their routines; runners may want to add a few additional minutes or kilometers to the run.

Moving on to the long-term goals!

Generally, one will set a few short-term goals, and then all of those will lead up to one achieving a long-term pursuit. A long-term goal is the end goal you want to achieve. Depending on one’s fitness journey, a long-term plan can be anything from losing weight to lowering your BMI. In addition, things like being able to lift heavier weights, taking part in fitness competitions, or running a marathon are some additional examples. These goals go hand in hand with short-term goals. For example, running an extra 5km every month would be a short-term goal, and then at the end of the year, it will allow you to reach the long-term goal of being able to run a marathon.

Make those goals attainable and implement steps to reach them!

Once you have goals in mind, decide how to achieve them. The ‘how to go about it will push one to get started. Paying for a gym membership or getting a personal trainer to help with physical activity may be a great motivation tactic. You will be paying, and people don’t want to waste money. In addition, confiding in a trusted friend and having them motivate you may work better. Should one of your goals be healthy eating, try to start removing junk food from the house is more what you are keen to try. Regardless of what goal is set, it should be realistic and attainable. Setting an unattainable goal is pointless. If you do not reach that goal in time, you become sad and give up. So put those fitness goals and don’t give up until you get your end aim!