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Tours you can take in Amsterdam

Tours you can take in Amsterdam

If you like tours because they take you to all the places you must see, then discover some of the tours that are available in Amsterdam. If you want to visit museums, a tour of the Moco Museum is a must. This young museum has managed to captivate people of all ages because its art is irreverent and seeks to generate critical thinking in its visitors. If you like the idea of visiting windmills, the Zaanse Schans Tour is the perfect option for you. In addition to an Amsterdam art museum, you will come across buildings that marked a before and after in the development of this city. In fact, Heineken beer was born in one of those windmills after years and years of history.

A city without limits

One of the great advantages of Amsterdam is that you always have something to do. If you run out of things to do in Amsterdam, it’s because you don’t know where the next event is taking place. Besides museums, this city offers a very active nightlife. You can stumble upon illuminated art pieces every time you approach an illuminated bridge. Who knows, you might end up at a secret bar where they brew their own craft beer. Many people are surprised to discover that there is more than just an Amsterdam art museum to visit. Did you know that there is a floating cat sanctuary with over 60 years of history? It’s called The Catboat Foundation and it takes care of homeless cats until they get a new family. You can donate and help them.

IAmAmsterdam card

A practical way to get to know all that Amsterdam has to offer is to buy time-based access. You can do this through an “IAmAmsterdam” card. This card allows you to enter different museums for a certain amount of time. It will also give you access to other events. Please note that these events are variable so we recommend that you check the “IAmAmsterdam” website for more details. In addition to visiting the Amsterdam art museum of your choice, you will also be able to discover other activities. Plan everything from home before making a decision. Thanks to the Internet, you have access to all the information you need.