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Tried and True – Travel Tips

Tried and True – Travel Tips

Tried & True – These travel tips are for you

Three most important travel tips. 1. Pack Light. 2. Pack Light. 3. Pack Light

Most travelers way over do it.

Too much luggage marks you as a typical tourist

Leave your prized faded jeans and ostentatious clothing at home.

Do not take unnecessary valuables.

Take modest costume jewelry instead of the real stuff.

Pack your travel bag with everything you need then take out one half.

Take half as many clothes and twice as much money

Follow the multiple use philosophy. A two sided belt, reversible jacket, dual purpose shoes like dressy walking shoes, clothes that can be mixed and matched to make many outfits out of a few pieces. Color co-ordinate, layer for warmth. Don’t take big bulk coats. Use sweater, windbreaker, raincoat etc. That layer easily and pack compactly.

Use luggage that is functional (multi-compartment soft sided luggage, preferably with wheels is best. Two smaller bags that you can “carry on” such as a light weight garment bag and a 9x22x14 bag that will go under your seat or fit in the overhead bin can be managed easier than one large heavy suitcase. When you carry your own bag it is less likely to get lost or stolen. If it is on your lap or under your seat and when you arrive at your destination you will be half way downtown while everyone else is still looking at the luggage carousel. Rule of thumb, do not exceed 22 lbs.

Other items to consider. Small nylon bag/rucksack for day trips. Money belt. Small plastic water bottle, ear plugs, zip lock baggies. Extra copy of your passport photos. First aid kit (aspirin, cold capsultesm, medications, anti-diarhea, motion sickness medicines, vitamins etc. Small travel alarm clock (never rely on hotel wake up call ) small flashlight, extra eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, toiletries. All leakables in zip locks, small amount of toilet paper or kleenex. Small bar of soap, small packages of Woolite or small squeeze bottle of multi purpose liquid soap. Small towel (washcloth) some hotels in Europe do not provide . Small sewing kit. Travel information, language etc. Don’t take entire address book just a list of those you plan to send a card to. Camera, an envelope with a few rubber bands, paper clips, safety pins, clothes pins. A fold up umbrella. Sun hat, sunscreen. Swiss army knight, compass, binoculars. For foreign trips, keep a small supply of U.S. one dollar bills to exchange for small sums of money. Keep a supply of small change. Just before you leave a country, cut back on your coin supply because bank and money changers will not change coins into currency.

Do not leave valuables in your hotel room. your watch, money, traveler checks, passport, plane tickets and camera should be carried with you at all times (or locked in hotel safe if there is one). Always be sure when the hotel safe can be opened. I was in South America once about to leave and my roommate was told that the hotel safe would not be opened until the next day. The only person who knew the code had gone home for the day.

Always re-check bus, train or ferry schedules so you will not be disappointed. Hang on to your tickets you never know when they will be inspected etc. Beware of taxi driver who says his meter is broken. Establish the fare before getting into the taxi. have your hotel write destination in local language. Take a packet of hotel matches (it usually has your hotel address printed on it)

I’ve been to 139 countries so have tried all my advice many times. Go on our website and dream.

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