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What does the Prague Astronomical Clock do?

What does the Prague Astronomical Clock do?

The Prague astronomical clock is among the popular landmarks in this beautiful city. According to reports, the Prague astronomical clock is over 600 years old. Also, it appears to be the oldest astronomical clock that still works.

Meanwhile, the astronomical clock shows the time and provides the date. More so, it shows the relative positions of the sun, moon, and earth. It also displays zodiac constellations and offers theater for its viewers every hour.

When was the Prague astronomical clock installed?

The Prague astronomical clock is the world’s third oldest clock that is still working. Also, the Prague astronomical clock was installed in 1410, and in 1490 the lower calendar was installed. Fast-forward to 1659, the wooden statues were installed.

For a long time, Jan Ruze was believed to have been the man who created the astronomical clock. According to history, Ruze was blinded by councilors because they believed he would create a better astronomical clock than other towns. Based on the beauty of the astronomical clock, so many other nations wanted their clocks built.

Nevertheless, this was a historical mistake that was believed to be concocted by a writer called Bohuslav Balbin. The Prague astronomical clock was constructed by a royal clockmaker called Mikulas of Kadan and not Jan Ruze. Therefore, Ruze was never blinded by the councilors, so he would not make another clock.

Local tips you need to know before you visit the Prague Astronomical clock

The Prague astronomical clock is one of the most visited places in the country. Undoubtedly, it is a remarkable site, and it attracts tourists from around the world. Check out some of the local tips you must know before you visit this astronomical clock below:

  • If you want to see the first astronomical clock show, then you need to wake up early and visit by 9 am. Very few spectators visit the clock by this time.
  • It is best to be at the clock 10 minutes before the show starts. That is the only way to get the best view. However, the astronomical clock show is often short but fun.
  • Furthermore, tourists are allowed to enter the astronomical clock, but you must have a ticket. Some of the fun events inside the astronomical clock include an elevator ride to the top of the tower. Also, you will receive a tour guide to the interior of the old town hall and underground.
  • Even though you will get a tour inside the astronomical clock, you will not be shown the mechanism of the clock. The public cannot see how the astronomical clock works or the mechanism. This keeps perpetuating rumors that the clock was cursed by the maker.


It will be unimaginable to visit Prague and not see the astronomical clock. It remains a mystery the mechanism behind the functionality of the clock. The construction of the Prague astronomical clock is estimated to have cost more than 9 million Czech Republic crowns. Finally, Prague Astronomical Clock – the mysterious jewel of the Old Town Square is truely a time peice.