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Embassy Closures And Government Travel Warnings – Immigration

Embassy Closures And Government Travel Warnings – Immigration

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Due to the developing security situation in Ukraine, many
governments across the globe have issued statements regarding the
safety of their citizens in the country and closed or limited
Embassy and Consular operations in this jurisdiction. For an
evolving list of these government announcements, please see the
updates below:  

European External Advice Service

On 12 Feb. 2022, the 
European External Advice Service (EEAS)
announced that its diplomatic missions in Ukraine will remain
operational in order to support EU citizens in Ukraine
. Staff
presence and travel advice for EU citizens may be updated as the
situation develops. 


On 13 Feb. 2022, the government of Australia 
advised its citizens against travel to Ukraine
. Australian
citizens currently in Ukraine are advised to leave the country
via commercial means. Australians who remain in Ukraine are
encouraged to register their
 with the Department of Foreign Affairs and
Trade. The government of Australia withdrew all staff from the
Australian Embassy in Kyiv. Operations will temporarily continue
from the Embassy office in Lviv.


On 14 Feb. 2022, the government of Belgium advised all
its citizens
 to avoid travel to Ukraine. Belgian citizens
currently residing or traveling in Ukraine, whose presence is
non-essential, are advised to leave the country at the soonest
possible date. Belgian citizens that remain in Ukraine should
register their travel information and inform the Belgian Embassy
in Kyiv
. For additional information, click 


On 12 Feb. 2022, the government of Bulgaria requested that all
Bulgarian nationals refrain from traveling to Ukraine. Bulgarian
nationals currently residing or traveling in Ukraine are
advised to leave the country at the soonest possible date. The
government of Bulgaria recommends that Bulgarian nationals who are
temporarily or permanently residing in Ukraine fill out a 
travel registration form


On 1 Feb. 2022, the government of Canada 
advised all Canadian citizens to avoid all travel to
. Canadian nationals currently in Ukraine
are advised to leave the country while commercial means remain
available and register with the Government’s Registration of
Canadians Abroad service
. Limited Canadian diplomatic and
consular staff remain in Ukraine to provide consular assistance to
Canadian citizens as requested. The government advised that
services could become limited if the situation

Czech Republic

On 12 Feb. 2022, the government of the Czech Republic announced that
its diplomatic mission in Kyiv
 will remain
open to support its citizens and cooperate with local
authorities. The Czech Embassy in Kyiv will operate with limited
staff, but the Czech Embassy in Lviv will remain operating at full
capacity. Some delays in visa processing are expected. 


On 13 Feb. 2022, the government of France 
updated its travel guidance for French nationals in Ukraine
French nationals are advised to postpone all trips to Ukraine,
including trips for essential purposes. The government advises
French citizens currently in Ukraine to ensure their travel
documents are up to date. The French government has not yet
requested that citizens in Ukraine leave the country. The
French Embassy in Ukraine will remain in operation with no
limitations to staff. 


On 14 Feb. 2022, the government of Greece 
advised Greek citizens to avoid travel to any part of
 and requested that all citizens currently
residing in the country leave at the soonest possible date. Greek
citizens remaining in the country are advised to register their
contact information with the Greek Embassy in Kyiv. The Greek
Embassy in Kyiv has reduced staff to essential personnel only.
Greek citizens should be aware of possible delays in visa


On 12 Feb. 2022, the government of Ireland 
advised against all travel to Ukraine
 and requested that
all citizens currently residing in Ukraine leave immediately via
commercial means.  Ireland’s Embassy in Kyiv will
remain open, with a small number of essential staff remaining. The
government of Ireland will contact individuals scheduled to travel
to Ukraine in the coming days. For additional travel information,
click here.


On 13 Feb. 2022, the government of Lithuania 
urged all Lithuanian citizens
 not to travel to Ukraine.
Citizens currently in Ukraine are advised to leave at the soonest
possible date. The government also advises its citizens not to
visit Belarus. Lithuanian citizens currently in Ukraine are
requested to register
their travel
 so that they can be contacted by consular
assistance, if necessary. The Lithuanian Embassy will
continue to perform all key functions in Ukraine. For additional
information, click here. 


On 12 Feb. 2022, the government of Luxembourg 
released an updated travel advisory for Ukraine
. The government
strongly discourages any trips to Ukraine. Luxembourg nationals and
residents currently residing in Ukraine, whose presence is not
absolutely necessary, are advised to leave the country. All
Luxembourg nationals remaining in Ukraine are advised
to register their stay. 


On 13 Feb. 2022, the government of Singapore 
advised all Singaporean citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as
possible via commercial means
. The government of
Singapore does not have an established diplomatic mission in
Ukraine and advises that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) may
not be in the position to assist a Singaporean’s departure
if conflict were to occur. Singaporeans currently in Ukraine
should register with the
 at the soonest possible date. 

United Kingdom

On 11 Feb. 2022, the government of the United Kingdom
(UK) advised all
British nationals to leave Ukraine immediately
 via any
commercial means. The government also requested that British
nationals avoid travel to the country.  The government
of the UK withdrew some embassy staff and their dependents from
Kyiv. The British
Embassy in Kyiv
 will remain open but will be unable
to provide in-person consular assistance. British nationals
remaining in Ukraine should keep their travel documents up to
register their travel,
 and continue to monitor
government and media related travel advice. 

Originally published 14 February 2022

The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought
about your specific circumstances.

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