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UK Advises Its Citizens to Ensure Their Passports Are Stamped When Travelling to & From the EU

UK Advises Its Citizens to Ensure Their Passports Are Stamped When Travelling to & From the EU

The United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Growth Workplace (FCDO) has issued one more journey guidance for Britons travelling to the European Union relating to the submit-Brexit principles that these travellers are now matter to.

The FCDO now advises British travellers to make absolutely sure that their passports are being stamped when coming into and leaving the border-free Schengen Region, or else they may well deal with issues, experiences.

Check out your passport is stamped if you enter or exit the Schengen region as a customer,” the FCDO new guidance reads, further noting that at every single border control, the border guards are obliged to look at passports stamps in order to make guaranteed that travellers are not overstaying the permitted 90 days for small stays in the Schengen Location.

If pertinent entry or exit stamps are not in your passport, border guards will presume that you have overstayed your visa-free of charge restrict,” the assistance additional reads.

It also advises Brits travelling to the EU whose passports have not been stamped when moving into or leaving the block to question the border guards to include that day and site in their passports by showing evidence of when and in which they entered or exited the Schengen Zone.

The guidance comes in the light of media experiences on various instances in which Brits had problems owing to their passports not being stamped. One particular of the conditions is that of a 72 years outdated female who, on September 26, was rejected from entering Spain after she did not have the exit stamp of her previous remain.

Up right until December 31, 2020, as EU nationals, Brits could vacation in the course of the whole block with out acquiring their passports stamped. Since January this calendar year, when Brits became third-place citizens to the EU, stamping is obligatory.

In addition, the FCDO, in a piece of preceding guidance, had urged Brits to have the following documents with them when travelling to any of the EU and Schengen Space nations:

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At the same time, Brits are topic to the need of evidence of vaccination when travelling to the block thanks to COVID-19. They can verify their vaccination status with an NHS COVID go, as the latter has been acknowledged by the EU considering the fact that October 29 upon a decision of the EU Fee to understand it equivalent to the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

This signifies that United kingdom travellers can now vacation for non-critical applications to all EU and Schengen Space countries as extensive as they demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated.

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